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Ways to Hydrate 

As you'll see in the habits, drinking at least 64oz+ of plain water daily is a foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Finding how you prefer to drink it helps. For example, Find what temperature you like best, if you prefer it with or without ice. I suggest finding a favorite water bottle and carrying it with you everywhere! One with a straw is best because we naturally drink more liquid through a straw. This way you'll be able to get those ounces in a quicker! 



Making some healthy choices can start today. When shopping in the grocery store avoid the middle where processed foods are and stick to the outer aisles for healthier choices. Choose lean proteins, avoid fried and charred meats. Low glycemic veggies are the best choice, avoid potatoes, carrots and corn for weight loss. Skipping fast food is not only good for your waist but also your wallet! Make dinner at home by exploring healthy recipes, you can find some under Recipes in Resources.


Stay Consistent

Things won't happen over night but they will happen faster than you imagine if you stay consistent. Don't let vacations, circumstances or weekends interrupt your progress. We know it won't be perfect but have seen that staying consistent with your health and wellness goals, no matter what, is a key to lasting success. It's why we say No Excuses! 


Colors Matter

Take a look around your world. Color is everywhere and they do impact us! Red and Yellow are colors that stimulate hunger, check out how many fast food places use these colors! It's strategic! But you can become aware and be strategic in your home by choosing dinner ware in cool colors like blue and green. Blue tends suppress hunger and green connotes health. So just by being aware of the colors around you, you can help yourself and make conscious decisions instead of unconscious triggers.



Keeping track of your day is a great way to get the real picture of exactly what you're eating. We can easily grab too many snacks, a handful of nuts, a coffee in the drive-through and add too many condiments to our food without realizing it. It all that adds up. Keeping a food journal will help with unconscious eating. It's a great way to keep track of progress, how your mindset shifts and how you feel. It's also a powerful tool on days you're just not feeling like it. Its a great place to reflect to see what has changed and how it's making you feel.


Switches & Swaps

Swap out high sodium and high carb condiments, use light dressings

or choose vinegars, oil and herbs instead. Choosing sugar free syrups and half and half for your coffee make great swaps for a healthier option. When dinning out, ask for your meal to be made heart healthy. It's good practice to out half of your meal in a take away box BEFORE you start eating, portions are way too big in restaurants. One of my favorite swaps is a lettuce wrapped burger, try it with your next burger! 

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