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You don't have to exercise for our plans to work but daily activity is a healthy habit! Just 20 minutes a day can impact your health dramatically! Start small and do something you enjoy like, walking, swimming, dancing, or riding a bike. You can even start with simple things like, parking a little further away from the store, talking the stairs instead, or standing a few minutes while working. Just a little motion a day can reduce your risk diseases and cancer up to 50%


Eat Frequently

Eating healthy is the goal and most under estimate just how much we should eat daily. By developing a habit of eating small frequent meals, we can curb hunger, keep our blood sugars level and our energy high. It will help us avoid the mid day crash or searching for sugary, high caffeinated drinks or snacks to get through. You can naturally do this with the right foods in the right intervals.



Planning ahead is a key to success, it takes out the guess work and impulse decisions. By taking the time to plan our day, meals and activities, we can ensure that we are in control, have less surprises or times that catch us off guard and make healthy choices throughout the day, week and month.


Water is absolutely essential for a healthy life. It affects your body functions, your heart, muscles, and even your brain! Drinking plenty of water will help you feel better, fuller and less sluggish during the day. 64oz is a great target to start with to be properly hydrated. Plain water is best but you can mix things up to add flavor with, herbal teas, fruit or mint!


People often misunderstand the power of sleep for regeneration and recovery. A lack of sleep affects our mood and can lead to overeating. When we are tired, we don’t think clearly and we tend to snack to stay alert or feed feelings we're not recognizing. We can help ourselves get better sleep by eating well, being active, creating structure around wake and sleep times, limiting blue light 2 hours before bed and creating a relaxing night time routine.


One key habit is a growth mindset. You can do this by setting goals that are both realistic and challenging, ones that you can achieve with your current resources and skills, but also require some effort and stretch, in learning new skills. It is important to bring your mind along with you on journey, and build it just like your new physical health. Your mindset will be the biggest factor in and to your success.

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