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Our Story

A few years ago now we embarked on a new journey, one so unfamiliar and uncertain for us because it was something we didn't know. We both were athletes and in good shape but as our teen years drew to an end, our unhealthy habits and food choices began to decline our health which only continued to worsen over the years. We reached a point in our health where we were facing health conditions and diagnosis we didn't want to live with and our mental and emotional states were far from thriving. But one overheard conversation changed everything! We soon were relearning how to eat healthy, manage our emotions, and find escape from depression. Within a few months we had radically changed our health, reversed high cholesterol, high blood pressure, acid reflux issues, diabetes, and sleep apnea. We were able to quit medications, our confidence and comfort began to soar as our waists started to shrink. Together we accomplished all of the above and shed over 200 pounds combined in the first year of adapting to a healthy lifestyle, our new ways took root, we went from barely surviving to thriving and never looked back!


Our mission is to empower others to take control of their health and well-being. We believe that good health is the foundation for a full and abundant life. We are committed to providing customized guidance to help clients reach their full potential. Whether you are looking to lose weight, eat healthier, improve fitness or your overall wellness, We are here to help.



Our vision is to help set America and then the world on a track to wellness. We believe that by instilling healthy choices, habits and a lifestyle that empowers individuals to be in control of their health, we can make the health care system, secondary, instead of primary care.

We believe the focus should be on prevention and wellness, instead of waiting until we get sick to seek medical attention. With the right tools, education, and support, we can all RISE UP to optimal health!

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Meet Us

It is an absolute joy to walk people through transformation and breakthrough. I myself have over come a lot. I was extremely shy and'd never know that meeting me now! I overcame anxiety, depression and diabetes while shedding 112lbs. I love flowers, animals, and shopping which is a lot more fun now, being able to shop off the rack or at cute boutiques which was always a dream of mine....but don't get me wrong...I love girly things but I'll challenge you to be your best too! As a former athlete in softball, volleyball and ice hockey, as well as a former logistics manager, I'm not all fluff. I've helped hundreds of people in their health, as well as build a business around what matters most to them in an encouraging and challenging coaching style to stretch those beliefs and comfort zones. I'd be honored to do the same with you!

I finally got to the point where I had had enough, I was overweight, tired, not sleeping well and on way too many medications for my young age! I decided to do something about it and went on to shed 89 lbs, go off all my medications, sleep well, without apnea and now living my best life. I'm honored to get to help others achieve their dreams in bettering their health in weight loss , mental or physical health. I come from a background in sports where I had the honor to captain my teams, the same goes for this role I take the role as your coach very personal. My goal is to help you be better today than you were yesterday, by coaching, challenging and cheering you on!

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